The Packaging Collective
The Packaging Collective
Packaging Responsibly

Frequent Concerns/ Problems

Products may appear different than those shown in photos due to external factors like lighting.

Lighting is crucial for beautiful detailed photos. Although we mostly use natural lighting, and our boxes are printed on top-of-the-class printing machines, there could be a little difference in actual prints than shown in the photos.

If there is a drastic change in what you received, just give us a call and we'll get it fixed!

If you don't like our products, you can completely return them within 7 days of receiving them, in the original packaging if possible!

If you feel like you got the wrong boxes, or misinterpreted the dimensions, or the prints don't go with your theme, simply drop a message/ call/ WhatsApp at +91-9737770980. To make sure you get your money's worth, we will facilitate your return at the earliest.

  • All returns must be within 7 days from receipt of goods.
  • When returning, if possible, use the original packaging (so that the goods are not damaged while coming back to us). Every order / parcel is unique. Hence, we carefully create a box just to fit your particular order. In case you decide to return the goods, please make sure the same box is used, unless it becomes completely non-reusable. That way, not only you will ensure a safe return journey for the goods, but you'll save a ton of energy that is used in producing these recyclable shippers!
  • If for some genuine reason you are unable to return the goods in 7 days, just drop us a mail at with the invoice number, date when order was placed, and your full name. We understand the challenges, and we will help you out in anyway we can!
  • If you want to return the goods after 7 days, we will definitely accept them, but only if they are in pristine unused condition. But the amount will be refunded only after we perform our quality check on the returned goods. No compensation will be given for returning damaged goods.
Payment Issues

If for some reason the payment isn't working, follow the below steps:

1. Take a deep breath and have faith.

For Mobile Users:

2. Take screenshots, share it to our WhatsApp number (HERE), with the quantities of each box, and we will take it from there.

For Desktop Users:

3. If you have WhatsApp on Desktop, please share the links of items on the above link, with the quantities for each item, and we will do the needful.

Although we try our best to have a seamless payment experience, sometimes the technology just doesn't work. So, we work around it. If for some reason, your payment gets stuck, chill. Just give us a call or WhatsApp mentioned on our contact page, and we will figure it out. We won't take away your hard-earned money. We offer honesty, and expect you to be honest in your complaints.

Delivery issues, what should I do?

Most of the times the parcel reaches you in the prescribed time-limit. But hey, even delivery services are run by people, and sometimes people need a break. So don't worry, the parcel will reach you DEFINITELY.

For time-bound requirements, we strongly suggest you to pay a little extra for express shipping. And if the charges are too high, let us know. We will try to give you a discount on the shipping if feasible ;) You can simply drop us an email in the Contact section.

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